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Guest Dabeagle

Everywhere I go, netwise or otherwise, there are competing schools of thought on the subject of male body hair. I had written a post on my own board some time ago about a silly little bit of fluff After Elton used to run called 'Marry, Bury or Do!' (later changed to Marry, Hump or Dump before being discontinued) In essence they would, ideally, put three attractive men and you had to make tough choices. One instance there were three early 20ish guys and one of the more shrill posters began with the insinuation that finding these men sexy was akin to pedophilia and remarks about their lack of body hair making them less than real men.

I'm sure, to a degree, I have been shaped along the idea of male beauty that has been in the media, those with less body hair. I too appreciate younger men and find it much more rare that I, personally, find an older person attractive. My tastes, in general, do not run to African American men either or those of the Southeast Asian descent. However I have come to the realization that I like things such as pecs, thighs, abs and so forth and I like to see them, not have them hidden away by the more hirsute. It is perfectly fine to be hairy and there are plenty of people who find that attractive or more 'natural' (though natural is a silly thing to apply about most things, but whatever).

Due to the extreme amount of body hair my genetics provided me I have begun Laser removal, but as many of you undoubtedly know, there is more than one way to manage the shrubs and long grass. These, from Amazon UK, are perfectly hilarious. You're welcome :-p


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Personally, I'm not too fond at looking at someone with a lot of body hair. It does nothing for me.

Being a diabetic and a pump user, I have to shave a small section every time I have to change the location of the inset. I found out the hard way first learning how to use the pump that if I don't shave a spot, it's like taking off a bandaid, it pulls the hair out. I think the adhesive on the inset is hospital grade, made to stay on.

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This subject reminds me of a young man I met some years ago. Glen would have been a ten on anyone's scale for his etherial beauty. He had shoulder length blond hair and a body so fit he could have been an Olympian. But this Adonis had hardly a hair on his body, even at the age of 20.

Glen was the inspiration behind my flash fiction story of Little Jimmy at Midnight because he had Kallman Syndrome. I think that my left toe had more testosterone in it than his whole body. But he stood six foot-two and was completely enamored of his body to the point that he couldn't pass a mirror without looking at himself. Unfortunately he didn't like to see himself naked.

Those with Kallman Syndrome have not developed mature sex organs. Glen's penis was about three inches long and for someone his age that had to be something difficult to face every day. His body would have been great centerfold material, but his crotch would have to be out of the photo. It was unfortunate because he was a very nice gentle person, he just had a major hangup about that penis.

I only knew him a few months and tried to convince him that he needed medical help. They do treat his malady and are often successful in enlarging sex organs to some degree. But Glen was probably not gay, just accepting that men might find his body attractive while women would laugh at his size. A shame that he often found himself in bed with guys because he was afraid of a woman's reaction. Life can be cruel, and I often wonder what happened to him.


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Those reviews on the Amazon on that depilatory creme were a riot. Most of the bodybuilders at the gyms with whom I work out are not into body hair, either, and I find it gets in the way, myself. I don't mind some body hair, but I'm not a moustache or beard guy, either. I have no problem with people who are -- just not my thing.

At the same time, zero body hair looks a little too weird to me. I'm always a little put-off by European pornos with participants who are "au natural," and you go -- whoa! There's a whole forrest in there! Mandscaping definitely makes more sense to me.

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I resently had a bet that went south with my boyfriend, who did not like my pit hair (It had a mind of its own and decided to have a huge growth spurt.). He said he would shave below if I did above. I figured he was bluffing, so allowed him to "trim me up". Now he looks like a Ken doll! Just too weird for me.

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Agrees with Gee.

Until about 22 or 24, I thought I was going to be very lacking in body hair. After that, my dad's genetics kicked in. The consolation: my hair (scalp) has not gone prematurely grey like my mom's or prematurely bald like my dad's. Looks like I'll keep most of it until old age, like my uncle.

I'm blond, so that may help a little. At least I'm not really, really hairy, but it's not like it was before my mid-20's.

I tried Nair. Once. Only once. Don't do that! At least, not...yeouch.

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My issue with hair nowadays is the increasing lack of it on the roof and the presence of it in places that never had hair before in my entire life.

I hate that as well. My younger brother is almost totally bald, and I'm just somewhat thinning. Skips a generation, but still...

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