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Image is the thing

Chris James

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I often wonder why the image of a young group of guys evokes gay connotations. Of course we all remember Menudo (in the photo below) and it turns out they were a rotating bunch of kids abused by their handlers...um, poor choice of word...their managers. Does that make them "twinks"? Who gets to define that?

And now we have One Direction:


Not the same image as Menudo, but perhaps we have become more aware that name calling and the label of twink is damaging. Gay awareness? We can only hope! (LOL...must be those pants!)


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Hardly anyone gets offended by the word twink and it doesn't have to do with porn/sexual innuendo's at all. and some younger guys would hate it if they are no longer called a twink.

Twink is generally a guy around 18-25 think/to a little bit of a build and blonde/ or brown haired and looks young, which fits one direction.

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That picture of Menudo took me back to those glorious days of the late seventies when I used to put on my Calvins and take my hair dryer to the crotch and butt to make them even tighter before going out. And, my hair HAD to perfect! Parted in the middle, feathered back. I can't imagine putting out all that effort now before going out. Actually, I can't imagine going out now. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Thank you, Chris, for the twinkies, and the memories.

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I once took so long trying to look the guys I wanted to attract, that the only people left at the clubs, bars and saunas were the ones who had didn't even want each other. Now I know, that all I have to do is swing from my tree and accept the applause for being the Orang that I am. (it is applause isn't it?)

Twinkie twinkie little star,

Why are you so far above me,

When all the fun is down here,

When I pretend to be a twinkie?

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Have you seen Leif Garrett lately? Yikes...

BTW, I used to live not far from the corner of Fairfax and Santa Monica in West Hollywood, and we saw Leif at least a half-dozen times, driving down the street in a red Mercedes convertible (might have been a BMW). This would've been around 1978-1979, right before his infamous car wreck.

Twinkdom does not last.

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I think a twinkie is just what the doctor ordered, Cole, if the result is anything like what birch bark provides:

'Appreciated for its properties, the birch tree is renowned for being a good diuretic, without forcing the kidneys. It has the capacity to produce perspiration and to help in treating rheumatism and inflammations of the urinary bladder. The bark is diuretic, digestive and anti-fever.'

'Birch eliminates cholesterol from the blood, and disinfects the body. It is also efficient against liver diseases, ascitis, diarrhea, constipation or intestinal parasites. Cardiac edemas, originating in circulatory insufficiency, arterial hypertension, and atherosclerosis are also treated with the help of brews based on birch. It is also recommended in treating the flu, fevers, colds and chronic sinusitis. Also in internal use, it is used for easing headaches produced by hyperzotomy, dizziness, allergies and for tonifying the nervous system.'

'Researchers from the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences (SIBC) in China have identified a powerful compound in birch bark called betulin that helps lower cholesterol and prevent both diabetes and obesity. And betulin works particularly better than the statin drug lovastatin at lowering cholesterol,...'

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/birch_bark.html#ixzz2CQ9N3ivN

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I had heard somewhere that birchbark had some slight nutritive properties, but didn't know of its medicinal ones. That article makes it sound like a wonder drug, yet I've never seen birchbark pills at a pharmacy.

But it sounds like anyone partaking of the stuff can expect to have most of his bodily ills ameliortated, his organs put to right and his life expectancy exacerbated. The only negative is, you'll end up pissing a lot. Seems like a worthwhile trade-off.

We don't have a lot of birch trees growing wild out here in California. Maybe because we're health conscious here, and they've all had their bark stripped off.


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All this ranting about the Hostess people closing the factories because the union is forcing them out of business. This doesn't take into account that the employees were told to take an 8% pay cut and pay an additional 20% on their health insurance. Not to mention the CEO and his top administrators voted themselves a huge pay increase costing the company millions.

Now I read that Hostess Canada will still be up and running, producing all those sweet cake products that have introduced diabetes to a huge population across the land. I guess Gee W. will now go into the smuggling business.

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