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Chess is suddenly booming among teens

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What's old is new again. I never really mastered chess and found there were better ways to use my neurons - like writing stories. Actually, my most recent story revolves around chess and it's a significant aspect of the story I'm writing now. Although I'm familiar with how it's played, I'm not about to bore the reader with the specifics in my stories. I'd much rather entertain them with fascinating topics such as quantum theory and superconductivity - you know, the easy stuff.😃

The resurgence of vinyl is something else when it comes to retro fascination. I've written about this in my stories too, but while the case can be made for audiophile music, most of the vinyl sold today has been digitally recorded, digitally mastered, digitally sliced and diced and then converted to analog, only for some kid to play it on a sub-hundred-dollar record player and listen to it through bluetooth speakers. Even the older pre-digital mass-market records were often cut with substandard equipment and of marginal quality. There are people who pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for an original vinyl record in mint condition that was cut on a particular machine in a particular studio. For my money, it's better to invest in a decent D/A converter and a decent set of headphones and to listen to high-res digital recordings – but I digress…

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7 hours ago, Rutabaga said:

Ah, but there's a world of difference between "old" and "ageless."

What a great comment! Chess has withstood the test of time for more than a millennium because it’s based on pure mathematic simplicity, yet there are a seemingly infinite number of outcomes. It has an elegance that no VR headset can match.  Of course the number of possible moves is finite, but it numbers in the same realm as the number of stars in the sky. Unless we find a way to make ourselves ageless, We’ll never discover every possible move before the Earth is no more.

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My grandfather told me that chess is a cross generational game. The man learns it from his grandfather, however, his son does not learn it from his father, considering it to be a boring old man's game. It is the son's son that the man teaches the came to, so it passes from grandfather to grandson, so sees a resurgence about every other generation.

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On 4/27/2023 at 6:05 AM, Altimexis said:

Of course the number of possible moves is finite, but it numbers in the same realm as the number of stars in the sky.

Really?  :icon_geek:



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