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A Teen’s Brave Response to “I’m Christian, Unless You’re Gay”

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Yes, Gee, it does seem dramatized to the extreme. But if any of this is true then perhaps it will save a family from destruction, and those who read this article maybe have second thoughts about their hatred.

Is it hard to have a gay child? No, they are no different than other children. The normalization of thought about gay people is what we seek. But those with weaker minds cannot abide the difference they see in gay kids. It is unfortunate that religion needs to underline this hatred on a daily basis.

Hate is a sickness driven by the fear of the unknown. This is why those gay/lesbian people who come out do so much to avert the straight world from turning to fear. Gay is not contagious, save all that fear for the bird flu. Gay is a state of mind that allows us to be better than other people simply because we don't hate.

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Gay is a state of mind that allows us to be better than other people simply because we don't hate.

Doh, I got news for you, Chris: I know gay people who are prejudiced against people of other races and who have extreme positions on all kinds of subjects, political, religious, and otherwise. Gay is not necessarily a state of mind; it's just one small facet of who somebody is. I have no doubt there's plenty of narrow-minded, evil gay people in the world, just as there are narrow-minded, evil straight people. Being gay doesn't make them sensible or tolerant; I've known or have met a few gay people in my time who are neither.

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