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Newbie by Colin Kelly


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I'm not sure about building a serial novel from any of my short stories, though I can see how this could be done with Newbie. However, I'm writing another serial novel now, and when it's edited and finished then I'll start posting. So instead of turning Newbie into a serial novel, how about I write another short story or two or three that feed off what I've already written?

Colin :icon_geek:

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Stumbled onto this fun story of "life in the first day fast lane". Well written and definitely, as some folks have said, one packed first day in a new school. I look forward to reading much more of your work.

(And you had a smart kid in your lead role - option for De La Salle? You must be kidding! Spartans Suck. :icon_puke_l: ) :wink:

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Well, that's true. If I'd gone to DeLa (never DLS) I would have flunked Religion (a required course, of course). And it would have been about an hour and a half by walking to the bus stop (15 min), take the #5 bus to the Walnut Creek BART station (15 min not including time to wait for the bus), BART from Walnut Creek to Pleasant Hill (3 min not including time to wait for the BART train to arrive), then take the #11 bus to De La Salle High School (11 min not including time to wait for the bus to arrive). It would take about an hour and 45 minutes including the time to walk from one kind of transportation to the next and the wait times. Forget it!

Instead I went to Las Lomas High School. My friends and I would walk (about 25 minutes) or if I was in a hurry I'd ride my bike (about 10 minutes) or I'd get a ride with my dad (about 5 minutes).

The best thing about DeLa is their football team — actually all of their sports teams. The best thing about Las Lomas is that it's a really good Blue Ribbon rated public high school. No Religion class for me to flunk.

Colin :icon_geek:

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