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Hottest guy in the World Cup - Nominations thread

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So the idea is that we'll vote at the end of the world cup for the hottest guy on the field.

But, even if we don't get that far, we'll have a thread full of pictures of hot soccer dudes. The country with the winning guy gets a trophy.

Feel free to nominate your own favorite World Cup guys, but make a good case for them by posting good photos (Up to 3 pictures per nominee)


Nomination Numero Uno:

Mario Gotze, jersey number 19, Germany.




Nomination 2 coming soon

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Sorry guys, soccer just doesn't do it for me, neither do most field sports. But I get the gist of this thread...drooling over hot bodies is fun.

So when reading the article linked here about FIFA it suddenly came to me. Now I know where all the Nazis went after the war. They joined the International Olympic Committee and FIFA. Billions of dollars, absolute dictatorial rule over the games = Nazis. I often wonder why the players don't unionize and tell these rulers to F off. I bet none of them can play soccer worth a damn.


Petty and stupid defines FIFA.

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