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Snyder by Cole Parker

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Over the years I have read a lot of stories about the Invasion of Normandy, seventy years ago now. I have also spoken with a number of people who were part of that invasion. This story gives you something of the feel of what it must have been like. This is a remarkably well told story that says a lot by just saying the minimum. It is one I would recommend everyone to read.

You will find it here:


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The two World Wars are fast becoming myth, especially for younger generations. That the last living survivor of the 1st World War recently died firmly commits it to history, and forgetting will be disastrous.

The same age group, who died in their many hundreds of thousands back then, now play intensely violent war games that inure them to the real horror and pain. You can't stop progress, but you can point out the truth.

'Snyder' is a very worthy read.

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Not all of us from the younger generations are so stupid.

Cole's story opened a good discussion with our dads. And, hey we do read. War stories are not my preference, but Cole's Snyder wasn't really about the war, it was about people and acceptance. I liked this one, even if it had no romance... I am just a fool for romances.

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