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Broken Hearted by Ryan Bartlett - A Sanitaria Springs Story


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Guest Dabeagle

I can now say how pleased I am to have had an advanced peek at this. I was constantly impressed with Ryan's desire to make his story better and he did a bang up job. Welcome to Sanitaria Springs!

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Loved it! Gave me some perspective I needed on a problem, actually. I love the way that Sanitaria Springs is shaping up.

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Guest RBartlett

This story is a bit intense and frankly so is the next one I have coming out on Wednesday. But I promise, my third SS story is lite hearted and funny. I'm glad you guys have enjoyed Kale's story.

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There is something about the SS epic that draws us to it, that makes us want to contribute our own efforts to it. Is it because the hero had the courage and fortitude to keep coming back for more? Is it that we wish we had some of what he has? Is it that the setting is so open to use as a background for our own message? Is it because the original tale was so dark, we want to get in on the act of saving someone and provide more light to the scene?

I don't know why this is, but its certainly fun seeing all these other tales sprout from from the seed. By the end, there'll be a book here.


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