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Just another Polish joke...

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Just kidding...ethnic jokes are in poor taste...however:


I can see why this town has passed such a law, they are delusional. I am beginning to believe that homophobia is a mental illness because applying this mania to a stuffed bear is just plain crazy.

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I don't remember, it's been too long since I saw any of the Milne books, but, the image we have today in our minds probably comes more from the Disney depiction of Pooh than the drawings in the book. Disney make the bear with the jacket and no pants. These Polish prudes should be condemning Disney, shouldn't they?

And what child's teddy bear ever has genitals? Unless they do it differently in Poland than they do here?


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People elected to local office are supposed to be taking care of the genuine problems facing their communities. When they can't -- or if they discover they have no clue how to do so -- they find other things to latch onto as a distraction. This clearly falls in that category.

I would tell these yo-yos to worry about genitals on children's book characters once they have assured that every child in their community is eating square meals every day, is in a household free of drugs and abusive behavior, and is receiving a good education.


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This stupidity is very much political correctness that's gone too far, sort of like banning Xmas trees in public places just in case others are offended, while the vast majority of those same 'others' are offended that they cannot see the pretty trees as well as the implication that they are so vulnerable and fragile that they need protection.

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In some places all it takes is one person to complain (bitch, moan, cry out in disgust, threaten a lawsuit, etc.) about the object they want suppressed.

Like a book in the library. One of the most banned books? Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Guest Dabeagle

I lived in Redding until I was 12. We went back in 2003 to spread my fathers ashes and were quite suprprised to see how a local church, once known as the 'little country church' had taken over so many things - even having their own bank. My favorite aunt and her jackhole of a husband had become born again when I was a child. They belonged to the church, steered people to them for business - like my mother, since we had to sell the old family home there. it's true, what they say. You can never go home again.

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