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School hides student mural of 2 boys kissing after complaints

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One of the more interesting lines from the article, after the administration covered up the mural with a bulletin board:

"Students ripped the bulletin board down to reveal the mural by midday on Thursday."

Times are changing, for the better.

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"We don't allow kissing in school so we can't allow a mural that shows kissing" - or 'I've been leant on by bigoted parents and caved in to their demands, and now I'm desperately searching for some way to justify my decision without actually admitting that it was made in response to bullying pressure from bigots.' school principal James Trodden (downtrodden?)

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I find it interesting that the principal who was caught up in this issue apparently left the school and was replaced that Fall by his assistant. I don't find any reason for or information about his departure, but it seems he originally approved of the painting and was disappointed at having to cover it up. [http://globalnews.ca/news/1811551/covering-the-mural-was-a-misstep-principal-says-mural-will-stay-in-alberta-school/ ]

He also chose to leave it uncovered after students took matters into their own hands.

This could be a routine leadership change, but I find nothing about principal James Trodden retiring or leaving, only that his vice-principal was announced as the new principal that fall. [ http://www.ngps.ca/news/news/post/acting-principal-for-onoway-jr-sr-high-selected ]

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