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LOTR terrorism in school...

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If this wasn't such a stupid way to react to children's fantasy I would be laughing much harder.


I call on all you dwarves to forge a real ring of power so that we may banish the fools that run this school system. Hardly a laughing matter when a child gets disciplined like this. Do you suppose they have a copy of the Tolkien books in their library? No wait...what was I thinking...this is Texas, the last place one might find decent education.

In this day and age where the Harry Potter books produced a renaissance in childhood reading I would think educators would be more realistic. Now if the 4th grader had threatened his friend with a magic wand I could see a weapons charge in the offering. Grow up, people...these adults just don't respect the minds of the children they are hired to teach.

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There's a school system run by ignoramuses. So calling a black boy black is a punishable offense? What was he supposed to call him, white? This school is teaching its students to avoid the truth in order to not be offensive? When did the truth become offensive? Was the black boy upset with being called black? If he was, and called the white boy white, was he then disciplined for that? Or is it OK to call a white child white and not OK to call a black child black?

Why is the school even interfering with this stuff at all? Don't the have, well, adult responsibilities to tend to?


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Cole asks, "When did the truth become offensive?"

I would answer, "The moment religion was conjured."

As for the black kid being called black, I tell the following actual story that happened to me some years ago:

I was tidying the front yard of my house with my shirt off as it was a very hot day. My skin is so pale that I could reflect sunlight like I was a second orbiting moon.

I looked up from my yard work as one of my aboriginal neighbours walked past. He stopped and looked at me. I said, "Hi."

He just stared at my pale chest and said, "Jesus, you're white!"

To which I replied, "Christ, you're black."

We both burst out laughing and became fast friends until he died at the young age of 50.

I remember him with fondness.

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