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AD Home Page Revision


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In what is the first major change to the AwesomeDude Home Page in quite a while... we’ve moved the Dude’s Picks from the Past to the upper right hand corner and have re-allocated the front-and-center area to Newest at Sanitaria Springs

This is due to the recent resurgence to the number of Sanitaria Springs stories written by a number of AwesomeDude Authors and their subsequent popularity.

Before the change, the Newest Short Stories listing where the Sanitaria Springs as well as other non –SS stories had been posted was becoming quickly filled up with both the SS and non-SS stories falling off the list much faster than they should have.

We hope that solves the problem. The Sanitaria Springs Home Page remains as a Menu Tab showing the time line in which the stories occur as well as a link to the Wiki page for those who are interested.

We hope this will add to the enjoyment our readers will draw from the site.


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Rutabaga, there's obviously something wrong in the way your phone is rendering the page. The image that we used for the holidays is no longer there, so you shouldn't be seeing that at all.

On my iPhone the Dude's Picks box does overlap the menu bar, and that's an oversight on my part; I'll try to do something about that. Otherwise the page displays as it should.

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I have the same problem as Rutabaga except there's no holiday image.

On my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 tablet The Dude's Picks from the Past is at the left margin and overlaps the menu (Community Forums and Email). This is with the Chrome browser on Android 4.4.2. Going landscape solves the problem because there's enough room for a normal non-mobile layout for the page.

On my phone (a Samsung Galaxy S II) with the Chrome browser on Android 4.1.2 it's similar with the Dude's Picks from the Past centered and overlaying the first two items in the menu. Going landscape stays with the mobile layout and the Dude's Picks from the Past moves to the right edge of the screen.

Colin :icon_geek:

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After looking at the page source code, I can kind of see why the iPhone is struggling somewhat to display the home page. The screen shot below shows the situation better.

On a full-size computer the "header" area at the top of the page is supposed to divide into left - center - right display areas. Left has the Donate stuff; center is the main site title; and right is the new Picks area.

The iPhone browser stacks these three areas and left-aligns them. This would work OK except that the browser is also squeezing the second column of the table containing the Picks titles into a very narrow sliver. I'm guessing this is because of the several width: 25% directives in the CSS code. The browser apparently can't tell that this table is extending lower on the page, and begins to render the Menu area too early, leading to the overlap.

The problem would presumably be reduced or eliminated if the Picks table rendered at the full available width, and/or if the Menu section could be forced to draw below the end of the fully-rendered Picks table.



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Had to clear my cache in Firefox before the page would appear correctly. I am however a bit confused as although it was using an old image (Christmas graphic) surely unless the request was there, it wouldn't have?

That Christmas graphic is in the style sheet but it is "commented out" so it should not be displaying.


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  • 4 weeks later...

Sadly, Dabeagle and Ryan Bartlett - who wrote the majority of the Sanitaria Springs stories have been deleted from the site and forums.

Sanitaria Springs stories as an entity will no longer be hosted at AwesomeDude.

Respecting the privacy of those involved. this is all I can say.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience to readers.


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