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Oh Crap...a gay killer

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The murders captured live on television yesterday have sensationalized the media world, and now we know the killer was a gay man. The screams from the religious right have already begun so now murderer will be added to the mantra right wing pundits have for gays.


Unfortunately Bryce Williams is dead so we will have no further explanation of his actions other than the documents he produced before killing himself. There are far too many questions left unanswered but his actions were selfish, irrational, and leave a stain on the community for a long time to come.

If Mr. Williams felt he was fired from his job for being gay then there are other more rational means of dealing with the issue. But he chose violence, spurred on by the recent mass killings across the country. Now the gay community is left to deal with the fallout.

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I notice that he specifically states he is being attacked for being a 'black gay man'. Being a member of one group that is subject to discrimination is bad enough, being a member of two is a real downer. The fact that a gay man is a murderer should not be a surprise. Gay people are no different from other people, so the chances that we may end up killing somebody is probably the same for any other section of society. On that basis probably about one in twenty of murderers are gay.

However, there is a lot of evidence that shows people who are sidelined or excluded from mainstream society are more likely to resort to violence. This is true no matter whether they are black, gay, Native American, poor white South African, or any other minority group.

‚ÄčOne cannot condone Bryce Williams actions, what one can do is try to understand what lead to them and then work damned hard to ensure that such circumstances do not arise again. One thing which needs to be addressed in the rejection of homosexuality amongst large sections the the black community who insist that being queer is a 'white mans thing' and that you 'can't be black and gay'. As long as discrimination exists it will result in violence.

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Not just the gay community. We might just as well blame this crazy fucker's actions on his being fat, black, and from California. He had a long history of angry reaction to just about any prompt or imagined slight, and he in no way represents any community unless it is a community of guys who want to achieve recognition and fame for killing people.

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Actually- we need more gay assassins.

People like to think of us as easy victims. They don't care what they do to us. They don't expect any blowback when they screw us over and, are shocked when they are confronted.

That's why people like Bryan Fischer and Scott Lively run around, doing their thing without a care in the world.

If a few of those guys showed up with their brains blown out, it would encourage others to pause for thought.

They think we're silly, vapid fucks that dance in our underwear at Pride parades.

There is really only one way that they will respect to show them we're serious.

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Hey there, wait a minute. I like Nigel's story and believe it is nothing like mine. In fact Nigel gives us all the pomp and circumstance of high end English society, as well as the nasty attitude towards gay men.

And James, you are going to blow my cover with all this gay assassin talk. I may have to discard my sniper rifle and the long list of targets in the Christian right wing....(snicker). My killer story is a one off and I am moving on from there even though readers are already clamoring for a sequel. How do they know I will not round out this story in the next few chapters?

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Scott Lively has earned his bullet. He has been the money man behind the anti-gay movements in Russia and Africa and those have cost hundreds of lives and, in all probability thousands more in the future.

Bryan Fischer, Linda Harvey, Brian Brown- these people make their living gay bashing. It pays their bills. They do it professionally.

They have rent-a-cop security at their studios and alarm systems at their homes.

They also have easily exploited patterns and regular schedules.

Anyone half way competent could turn out their lights and be out of town before the bodies were cold.

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Sorry, James...even in jest a conversation like this is counterproductive if it is viewed by the people you mentioned and they use it as proof that the gay community is terribly dangerous in their irrational blogs and tweets. Yeah, it's fun to think about but humor always seems to evade the dark forces of the religious right.

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