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The Republican Convention

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I listened to Donald Trump tonight on his accempance speach, but I had to leave the room.. It reminder me so much of the propaganda speaches of the Nazi's of a bigone era. I'm sure you all can come with all the specifics of what he was saying, but I only think about his return to Lazie Fare of his btgone ara. The future of this country is the US being a part of this total ecconmic and political world. This is not his vision.

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​Sorry, Richard, but I think your topic will languish here. I don' think anyone wants to comment on the Republican Hatefest. silly isn't it? But after months of Donald Trump's ego driven insanity the convention reminded me of lemmings all washing up on the shore together.

Why anyone would listen to this man is beyond my comprehension. Of course I can probably say that old Vlad Putin is enjoying himself listening to Donald talk about shutting down NATO. Time for him to make plans to invade somewhere else.

The Donald is starting to look fatter these days and my only hope is that he will have a heart attack before November.

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My elderly neighbour (88) and her family fled Nazi Germany in 1937. This morning she was in tears having heard Trumps speech on the radio. To her it sounded just like Hitler did.

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Hitler, or course, would not have invited a Peter Thiel to stand before the convention and announce that he is proud to be gay, proud to be a Republican and proud to be an American -- and receive a standing ovation from the Republican convention floor.

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It is quite unlikely that many voters watched Donald's speech last night with an open mind about which candidate they support. Minds not yet made up at this stage of a rather vitriolic campaign season are the same ones who will toss a coin in the voting booth.

So the Don was speaking to his supporters and they wanted more doom and gloom and fear mongering from their patron and they got it.

Next week will be Hillary's turn with her message that Everybody's Beautiful and the world is filled with fluffy bunnies.

The one thing they've both proven to me is that neither belongs in the White House.

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That, however, isn't what this is all about. Perhaps it's true—perhaps neither would be the choice of the majority—but the fact remains that one of them will assume the title POTUS. That being the case, the choice we have is to decide which of them do we more firmly want in that role, or, which do we definitely not want in that role, and then mark our ballots.

Everyone should agree this is an important election, and not one to sit out because it doesn't seem to matter which candidate we elect. This time, it really does matter. As The Donald again demonstrated in his speech.


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​When Tony Schwartz, the ghost writer of Trump's Art of the Deal, came forward this past week it gave us an interesting insight as to the mental composition of Donald Trump, and it was not a good assessment.

Schwartz says he had to follow The Donald around for 18 months just to get the information he needed to write the book. Trump could not sit down and discuss aspects of his life for more that five minutes without losing his temper. The interview I heard on NPR has Schwartz describing what seems to me to be a classic case of ADHD. I am sure we have all seen interviews of The Donald and he cannot sit still long enough to get serious with the interviewer.

Imagine President Trump who cannot sit through a National Security briefing or a budget meeting for more than five minutes. The man is unfit for the office of President, and should he get elected that will be proven within the first days he hold that post. This is the greatest menace to the American people in this century. Watch him threaten NATO allies, then read about how Putin is drooling at the prospect of an American meltdown. The sense of doom is HUGE...and we are doing it to ourselves. Vote Hillary.

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This is going to be a most interesting election cycle.

I think that anyone who suspects Hillary of living in a "fluffy bunny" universe is sadly underestimating her.

The selection of a southern politician who is clearly a progressive - by the standards of the south - demonstrates that Hillary is coming for the trump with knife points gleaming. Kaine is well thought of in Virginia and should be able to keep Virginia in the blue fold. He's a well thought of southerner so there's a good possibility that North Carolina, too, will be blue; Florida almost assuredly. Even Louisiana recently elected a Democrat as governor. I suspect that Hillary has modified Howard Dean's "50 state" strategy and is going to be working hard in the south and has a good chance of impacting down ballot offices.

Whether we are talking about Indira Ghandi, Margaret Thatcher, or Hillary Clinton, it should be remembered that these women have succeeded in a realm not usually open to women. They were not successful by virtue of peaches and cream, sweetness and light, or fluffy bunnies. Hillary Clinton is tough and I suspect that her strategy is beginning to indicate that she intends to "Goldwater" the trump. If she can carry it off, the trumps defeat will be epic. The only person who can elect the trump is Hillary Clinton and she knows it.

We live in interesting times and I'm enjoying it.

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An excellent place to start a legitimate analysis. But it's always wise to keep in mind that the one book every STAT 101 student is likely to read: How to Lie with Statistics. It will undoubtedly run the other direction next week in honor of the Democratic convention.

That said, just cherry picking some specifics, the issue of police officer deaths in the line of duty is presented as almost unchanged from last year. That's true in overall numbers (up only 6%) but their deaths by gunfire are up 68% while traffic-related are down 17% and "other" causes by 27%. I hope the Democratic party isn't going to ballyhoo the Republicans that our police are driving more safely! (Source: http://nleomf.com/ )

And the number of illegals apprehended illegally crossing the border is down sharply from the early 2000s, but has been rising again since 2011. Gee - did something happen in the early 2000s that broadened the US concern over its borders? And did things change around, say, 2008-2010 that might be interpreted as reduced border enforcement? (Source: https://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/homesec/R43523.pdf )

There's no simple answer to complex questions. I don't want the Trumpwall just to my south, and I don't want the US to tell Latvia and Poland they haven't paid their fees so they're being repossessed by Russia. But I'm not about to accept any "truthiness" the press decides to spit out as any more real than the propaganda from either party.

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The one thing they've both proven to me is that neither belongs in the White House.

So the question is, which is the most dangerous candidate of the pair? Okay, now vote for the other candidate.

Colin :icon_geek:

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