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  1. If you're blocked in one story, what I do is go write something else. Doing that gets the juices flowing again, gets your fingers nimble, and most importantly gets your brain loosey-goosey and, almost subconsciously, you'll figure out how to get past the block that has you constipated. Or, another thing I do is start writing the blocked story in a different place, somewhere that comes after the place where you're blocked. That helps, too. It really works well for me. Good luck! C
  2. That's one of several explanations I can think of. In any case, it's immaterial. Forget about it! C
  3. I too am a bit picky about details. But the one you're going on about in this story is easily discounted. Use your imagination! C
  4. I have no problem making the numbers work, but if you wish to obsess about it, be my guest! 😏
  5. I don't know how many times I've found something just right to post here and for one reason or another, couldn't get it to work. I've always assumed it was simply my maladroit ineptness when it came to anything computer. So I understand your woe, Bruin. Annoying when you can't make things work. C
  6. I just wrote Ivor and told him the same thing. I think he bought stock in Kleenex before posting that. Just the right amount of pathos. Takes skill to do that. C
  7. A story is coming soon about a boy navigating the trials and tribulations of attending a high school out of the dark ages: one with pre-1950's attitudes. Should be a fun ride for readers if not for the people involved. Cole
  8. Very kind of you, Camy. Thank you! C
  9. Coming soon: Life isn't always easy for gay teens. Some have multiple problems. It takes a lot of heart to prevail. C
  10. Probably should set up a PayPal account for them.
  11. Oh, don't leave the site! I have another story waiting to go up, and one just starting the laborious editing process. Not laborious for me, but woe to the stalwart editors. C
  12. I suppose I could do that. But I'm finishing another story at the moment and have another one after that in mind and then there's the partner to keep satisfied, and well, where does the time go? C
  13. Now you want me to write about squirrels? Jeez! C
  14. You guys have sequels on your brains!
  15. That's my solution for an unwanted double post. Be nice if we had the ability to dump them. We don't, we do have access to enigmatic dots.
  16. Magnificent! Brings back memories of Pachelbel.
  17. Here, here! (Or should that be hear, hear?)
  18. You guys seem to like subtlety. I do too. C
  19. Coming Saturday: a compendium of stories, unrelated except for the ages of their protagonists. Look for them under the title Boys in Shorts. Cole
  20. Stroking it into something magnificent that will stand out from the crowd and make me proud to be noticed might be closer to the truth. 😝
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