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Truth Over Drinks


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Truth over Drinks



"It's time to bury the hatchet."


Colt looked stunned and said, "Maybe in that rat bastard's head."


Jerry said, "Oh come on Colt. I know he's a rival but.."

"Rival? You don't know what Frank did to me do you?"


"I know it goes back a long way."


Colt sighed and said, "Frank cost me..."


Jerry said, "Come on Colt. I know you have a mad hate of Frank Garrett. Everybody that knows the two of you knows, but nobody knows why or at least they aren't telling me. Want to talk about it?"


Colt replied coldly, "No. But you're the only one with the right to know. It goes back a long way and did a lot of damage. If you'll pour me a stiff drink, I'll tell you."


Jerry walked over to the bar and pulled out a pair of highball glasses and put ice in them. He grabbed the Johnny Walker Black and poured two fingers in both glasses. He handed one to Colt and said, "Maybe we should have a seat."


They sat down at their poker table and Colt took a drink. He sighed and began. 


"Frank and I met when I moved to Springfield at the start of fifth grade. At first everything was cool. We were friends and hung out. At the time I didn't really know it but I was attracted to him. You know how it is before you figure out you're gay."


Jerry nodded. 


"Then came the summer between sixth and seventh grade. Let's just say we figured out a lot of things... together."


Jerry said, "You two were..."


"Yeah. We started off jacking off together and it escalated. We weren't really sure what it was all about but we kept it on the down low and..."


"You were boyfriends."


"We were boyfriends but not really. Frank just liked getting off but it was more to me. I started having feeling for him."


Jerry said, "Well... what happened?"


Colt took a swig of his drink and grimaced. "Toward the end of summer break that year, Frank went to spend two weeks with his grandparents which were complete religious lunatics. The night before he left, I kissed him goodbye. That wasn't something we did much  of. He blushed and looked uncomfortable and we said our goodbyes."


"I don't know what happened during those two weeks but we were never friends again. I knew when he got back but he didn't call or come over. I figured he was busy and I'd see him at school. When I showed up for my first day of Middle School, it was like walking into a war. The son of a bitch told everybody he knew that I was a faggit. I got my ass kicked every fucking day because of that shit stain. I had to change schools over it and it followed me. I never really got away from it until I graduated- and there were times when I almost quit school but my parents wouldn't let me."


Jerry said, "I knew that you had it rough in high school but I had no idea."


Colt drained his glass. "Well now you know why I hate that son of a bitch. I hate him worse now that he came out. He threw me to the wolves so he could be the nice, safe closet case."


Jerry sighed and said, "We're going to run into him. It's not that big a town. I've already seen him and his boyfriend at the Glass Onion and Molly's."


"Then I'll walk away. I'm sorry babe but that rat bastard cost me years of misery. This isn't something I can just forget. I love you and would do anything for you except make nice with Frank fucking Garrett."



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