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I Never Knew This -- Foreskins

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I agree that the article is interesting, but it seems rather lacking in professionalism.

What are the credentials of the author? What are the names of the studies she cites? Where, by whom and for what period of time were they conducted? Where are the published findings? Are there any comparative international studies that examine initial and long-term health implications of intact vs circumcised males?

We should get suspicious when we read medical recommendations by some uncredentialed "Dr. Momma" endorsed by only 18 actual MD/equivalents in California and half that number in New York!

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If you read all the stuff at the end of the article, citations are offered there.  I agree: this seems to be important information needing to be passed on to doctors, pregnant women, women who could become pregnant, and certainly all medical professionals—especially ones dealing with children.



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Seventh Day Adventist and Medical Dr. John Harvey Kellogg of Battle Creek, Michigan, (1852 - 1943) is considered to be  the father of the concept that circumcising male infants in the United States would serve some health purpose, while  at the same time desensitizing young boys' glans and therefore (hopefully) would deter them from arousal and the dreaded masturbation.

This barbaric mutilation of infant boys is still commonly practiced in the United States and other less civilized countries is traced to this nut case.  Fortunately, I was able to intervene eight years ago to make sure this ritual mutilation wasn't inflicted on my newborn grandson. 

I resented the mutilation of myself as a newborn infant so much that -to this day- I refuse to purchase any food products manufactured or marketed by Kellogg.... even the much desired toaster waffles EGGO.




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I read the article.  What's with all those mothers peering and poking and pulling?  It may be OK with babies and toddlers, but to ten year olds?  That's creepy.

P.S. to Mike:  Homemade waffles are so much more delicious.

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I bought one of those flip-over waffle-makers like they have at the Comfort Inn-type places, where you pour the batter in, close the two halves, then rotate the handle to flip the whole thing over for cooking.  It makes great waffles, crisp outside, soft inside. 

And for those of us who are really lazy, Krusteaz makes a good Belgian waffle mix that is dead simple to use.



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On 4/28/2017 at 8:22 AM, Cole Parker said:

Seven degrees of separation:


1.  Foreskins

2.  Operations

3.  Hospitals

4.  Hosptial food

5.  Cafeterias

6.  Breakfasts

7.  Waffles 

   8.  Real maple syrup

Colin  :icon_geek:


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  • 3 weeks later...

My parents, children of the depression, refused to pay for real maple syrup.  They made some concoction that I think had some sort of Karo syrup in it, I think diluted, and then flavored with some kind of maple extract.  Clearly, I've never made it myself.

I, too, was circumcised routinely in a California hospital.  I wonder if there is a causal link because now, I will only use real maple syrup.

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Aha, now I think I see the connection.  It has been said that the penis of a circumcised man lacks the same exquisite sensitivity of a male with his foreskin intact.  Consequently a circumcised man spends a lifetime searching for the best lotions and salves in order to boost his hum-drum pleasure levels into the acceptable range.  Not only is his genital pleasure affected, but also his taste buds are compromised.  Hence he must turn to high-end sauces and syrups for his gustatory pleasure.  Karo syrup will no longer suffice as it does for foreskinned males; no, he can only be satisfied by maple syrup. 
He is also stuck with having to buy boutique brews instead of Bud light.

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Am I the only person on this site that is not only happy I was cut but also normally is not turned on by a "natural" peen?  I am plenty sensitive and 
all things in that spot down there works beautifully and amazingly.  

And now it all makes sense as I do not enjoy or ever eat waffles or Maple syrup.

You've heard it here first, those "regular normal" humans who are cut don't like Waffles.  :)


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5 hours ago, Cole Parker said:

So I guess what you're saying, James, is that if you see anyone drinking a craft beer, you know he's got a lopped-off wanger.


 I'm afraid there is a fallacy in your logic, Cole. That the only alternative is Bud Light would, of itself, be sufficient condition for drinking Real Ale/Craft Beer.

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Just to bring this full circle, one problem with waffles (or pancakes) with Maple Syrup is that, if enjoyed TOO much, overindulgence can lead a person to :

9. Diabetes

And from that, we tumble into the following:

"To paediatric surgeons, the most obvious medical reasons for circumcision are balanitis (inflammation of the glans) and posthitis (inflammation of the foreskin). Both are very painful conditions.

Posthitis is limited to uncircumcised males. [for obvious reasons!]

Balanitis is seen in 11-13% of uncircumcised men, but in only 2% of those who are circumcised [Fakjian et al., 1990; Kohn et al., 1999]. In uncircumcised diabetic men it is 35% [Kohn et al., 1999].


Thus we return to:

10. Foreskins

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