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I read Hosanna the other day, and didn't know quite what to say, except that, well, it struck home with me.

Merci bien, Jamie, pour ton sentiment si gr?cieux ici. C'est bien fait, une vraie b?n?diction.

( For those who don't speak French: )

Thank you very much, Jamie, for your gracious sentiment here. It's well done, a true blessing. (There's a pun between "bien fait" and "b?nir, b?n?diction," too.)

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Thanks for the feed-back everyone. It makes me glad to hear that you enjoyed it. I did this a while back as a Christmas piece. It was fun to write and although it doesn't have any Icarians in it, it does feature a little boy with wings... funny I always seem to find a way to put wings on my characters.

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This Pick from the Past definitely calls for a box of Kleenex.  It really tugs at the heartstrings.

I had to hit Control-A to select all the white type in order to read it against the background -- there's no contrast with the white elements in the background.  Maybe a different font color should be considered.


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