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God Bothered


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God Bothered
by Camy


I used to be God bothered.
They'd come around every day.
No matter what I was doing
They would kneel on the stoop and pray.

They'd hand me glossy pamphlets
That spoke of God's great grace.
I never told them to 'fuck off,'
Especially to their face.

Instead I'd wear a black cloak,
Stick horns upon my head;
Froth and wail, beat my breast
And say I raised the dead.

It worked for a while, life went on,
Then a new lot came to town.
Devil worshippers one and all;
Sly grins and never a frown.

Mistakenly, I opened the door
With horns and cloak in place.
"You're one of us!" They shrieked in delight,
As I slammed the door in their face.

So here I am self-isolating...
Was it all a dream?
Or was God and his fallen Angel
Trying to make me SCREAM?!


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8 hours ago, Merkin said:

Now I see why all we get over here is your damned baking shows.

Ah, Bake Off. What can beat Bake Off, with those gloriously scrumptious fairy cakes. Do they give you the Horn too, James? :w00t:


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