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The Secret Life of Nerds, by Robb Warr


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The Secret Life of Nerds is off to an awesome start.  Kevin and Philip appear to be as different as chalk and cheese, but they share one important quality, and that is thoughtfulness.  Will that be enough to allow them to become friends? Can't wait to see what Mildred cooks up next.   http://www.awesomedude.com/rob-warr/the-secret-life-of-nerds/index.htm

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I recognised the story and searched several sites before finding it was actually here (-see Link in Ivor’s post). Since the pseudonym Kewl-Dad no longer appears in the author list, I presumed this was a re-release of a, possibly updated, story.

Intriguingly neither version was the story I thought it was when I realised I had read it before. That story had plot elements where the nerds struck back at the bullies and ‘phobes. IIRC one of the chapter headings was a picture of a Mobius strip.

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Memory plays tricks. The story I initially thought of was this one http://www.awesomedude.com/tsf/wgna/index.htm “When Gay Nerds Attack” by Fredrics. There is no picture of a Mobius strip, only a section title and no nerds striking back, although it appears there was the intention for a such a scene, but the story seems unfinished - something I do remember from first time around.

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This is a weird thread about the story. Is it old, new, written by someone else, or simply a theme common to similar stories?

All that apart, I picked it up and started reading. As I wrote the author, I'm not going to critique it. Only say the story was interesting. It was a pleasant read - so far. Although I thought chapter one condensed weeks into a couple of days. Oops! I'm starting to critique. Guess it's unavoidable?

Are there really any nerds at school anyway? Sure, there are the so called cool people, and the studious people, the non-sporty people, but I don't recall at my school any isolated kids. The so called nerds had their own group, the dopers another group, and the so called cool kids another. You were bound to get into one or the other, but had to work at it and would always be a sort of outsider, new comer. Besides all that, there were no gay kids. I mean there were, but you'd rather die than anyone found that out!

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3 hours ago, Talo Segura said:

This is a weird thread about the story. Is it old, new, written by someone else, or simply a theme common to similar stories?

I read the "old" version of the story a few weeks ago, shortly before the "new" version was posted, so I was curious about this too. As far as I can tell, the two versions as identical, other than minor corrections in the "new" version. Since the "Kewl Dad" author page has been removed, I assume the author discussed everything with Mike beforehand. At a guess, the author wanted to use a new nom de plume, and decided that "The Secret Life of Nerds" was suitable for publication under the new name.

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