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The Point, by WBMS

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Billy's (call me 'Bill') friends keep asking him what his costume is this year, but it's a secret. The thing is, it's not the only secret Bill is gonna spring at Halloween! To get the point, read The Point, AD's Halloween short offering by WBMS.


From The Point :

At lunch, a group called him over, ?Hey, Billy, come over here!? and he went over. He was still smiling but said ?Call me Bill from now on. I?m not Billy anymore. Billy is a kid?s name.?

His friends? eyebrows rose in surprise, but Billy was full of surprises. ?Sure, Bill. If that?s what you want. It?ll take some getting used to.?

?There are lots of things that take getting used to. I?m still me, but I?ve decided I?m Bill now. I hope that?s okay with you all. Make sure you let everyone now.?

?Sure, Bill. Whatever you say. Can you tell us why??

?It?s a simple as I already told you. I?m not a kid anymore and Billy is a kid?s name.? Billy momentarily lost his ever-present smile and that did not go unnoticed by anyone. The subject dropped immediately.

?So what about your costume??

?Oh, you?ll have to wait and see but I think it?s my best one ever.?


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I think I finally got 'The Point' an hour after I read it.

It's a bit like a double double bluff.

Had Bill decided to wear a tutu I'd have got it there and then, but then that wasn't 'The Point'...

Was it?

Camy, who's off to read it again.

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I enjoyed all of the special and well written Halloween stories in this weeks Awesome Dude posting, but this story was my absolute favorite.

Maybe it appeals to my activism, but I thought it was the BEST of all of them. :icon12:

Thank you for writing it and sharing it with all of us.


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Thanks for everyone's kind comments so far. I appreciate Dude for letting this delinquent racoon post his story a day after the deadline because I just couldn't stand the original ending.

If you've read my writing before you know I love to make my audience THINK. Never make it easy. There's one ending but it works two ways. I finally got it right but not until Sunday when I was in the car on the way to watch the football game and it was "AHA!"

Thanks to Blue for cleaning up a few errors in my entirely unedited story. Written start to finish at one sitting and then the last few paragraphs re-written. No other edits or proofing was done.

Billy or Dad? Hmmmm. You decide 'cause I ain't answering :)

It's nice to see Billy's costume catching on though.

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