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Fellow Travellers

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Fellow Travellers

Camy's new story is a wonderfully evocative story about discovery and young exploration, grounded very firmly in Home Counties England a few decades ago, and totally authentic. It tells about a young boy who could so easily have been me - and I could wish it had been me, because how different things could have been if only... But I digress.

Camy has the enviable skill of telling a story with just the right level of detail to give the reader the building materials to build a picture in his imagination, but without clogging the storytelling with dense passages of description. Wonderful.

A great story, highly recommended.


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I was completely unsurprised by the quality of this story...Camy always comes through with a fine tale, and this one was no exception. This one is of AD quality, and I think that says it all.

Well done, Camy!



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