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Church lobbies city to rename Gay Boulevard


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Church lobbies city to rename Gay Boulevard

by PageOneQ

A Texas city insists that there's no anti-gay intent in plans to rename nearby Gay Boulevard after a nearby church.

San Antonio's Second Baptist Church has been near what is currently the corner of East Commerce St. and Gay Blvd., on the city's east side, since the 1890s. City officials plan on Thursday to change the name of the four-block stretch to "Second Baptist Way," WOAI reported Tuesday, insisting that the only intent was to "boost the profile of Second Baptist Church." The church initiated and funded the effort. It is unclear how Gay Boulevard, which the city says has "no significant historical connection" to San Antonio, got its name.

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Where I live in the San Francisco East Bay there's a mountain named Mount Diablo. A popular nickname for this mountain is "Old Devil Mountain" and the general area is referred to as "The Diablo Valley". A church in our area (I don't remember the name) attempted to get the name changed because it "honored the devil". The reaction to their campaign was mostly laughter and derision.

Colin :hehe:

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We had a road, opposite our police barracks, called "Deviation Road."

They closed it off so the police could use it for parking their personal cars. :hehe:

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There are several communities in the area of PA that I live in that have a Gay Street. The apartment complex that I lived in when I first moved over here had two entrances. The back entrance was Gay Street. It was the easiest of the two entrances to use, so I used it the most.

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In Adelaide we have a major arcade called not surprisingly, 'Adelaide Arcade'. In the middle of this 120 year old historic arcade however is a junction to a smaller arcade called, yes you guessed it, "Gay's Arcade." I have always wondered why it has not been of more interest to our gay community. :hehe:

Pictures of the Arcades for those who must see them.

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We have one of those here too. Nice guy, even dresses in those suede gentleman's pants like an English lord who likes to dabble in his own garden and eschews gardeners.

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Could be an interesting story there...a guy growing up in 1965 with a first name of Gaylord, nicknamed Gay. But...not much of a story there until you add your amazingly evil mind to it. :hehe:


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The once was a Lord who knew night from day

As his menservants followed him all the way

Into every bedchamber

Where they all would remember

Shouting, "Here comes Gaylord, the Lord who is Gay."


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Back when I worked for a living, I had a co-worker whose first name was Gaylord. He told me the name wasn't that uncommon, although I've never known anyone else with it.

I knew one once, as well. Rare name.

Further, we often get parts shipped to our office in a special container called a "gaylord" -- despite all hopes and prayers of certain people, they come only with parts and no people.

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Gay is also a common enough last name, and that's usually where a Gay Street/Boulevard/Drive/etc. gets its name.

It's sad to see a church or other group focusing on such silly nonsense, instead of actually helping people.

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