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Just One Starfish

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One time, many years ago, I was outside in the pouring rain, putting a plastic tarp over my old VW SuperBeetle. Whenever it rained, the car's sparkplugs would get wet, and the car wouldn't start, which drove me (or actually, didn't drive me) crazy.

So I was tucking the plastic on the rear engine hood when a gust of wind came up and slammed the hood down on my entire right hand. The pain was so enormous, I just sat right down on the street, then staggered back to my apartment building. I sat on the steps, shivering, afraid to look down at the bloody stumps I knew would be there.

After about a minute of this white-hot agonizing pain, I finally got up the nerve to look down. Amazingly, all my fingers were intact, albeit totally black and blue, though the index finger on my right hand had the fingernail ripped out by the roots and was bleeding like a sieve. That took about a year to heal. Hurt like a mofo for a month.

A week after the accident, I was on deadline for a big cover story for a magazine, and wrote the whole piece with three fingers, cursing with pain the entire time. And that was on an electric typewriter. None of these newfangled word-processors for me, nosireebob! (But this was 1978.)

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I'd seen the news the other day on another forum, and sent Grasshopper an email.

I hope he heals up fast and truly. Of course, I hope somebody would hire him to write pro.

It'll be great to see further chapters and stories.

Yes, I'm a fan of his writing. -- I'll always recommend Just Hit Send.

Get well soon, 'Hopper.

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I'd be lost without scouts like you, Cole. Many thanks.

I'd been checking this story for a new chapter, unwilling to believe he would make an orphan of this, or any other, of his wonderful stories. Sometimes it's REALLY good to be right. :icon_twisted:


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For what it's worth (not much), Grasshopper has not responded to my emails either, and we used to correspond regularly, if infrequently.

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For what it's worth (not much), Grasshopper has not responded to my emails either, and we used to correspond regularly, if infrequently.

I have communicated very recently with Grasshopper enough to know that he is recuperating and having difficulties in physically writing and typing. Please be patient, he knows he needs to finish "Starfish" but needs some more time.

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While I would love to see another chapter posted, my elation is due to knowing Grasshopper is recovering, albeit slowly. Please let him know that THAT is what was really concerning to us, not the story. :icon_twisted:

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