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Novelist cleans entire house

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?Everything I have done is actually integral to the creative process. I mean, I can?t think of one great work of art that was created by someone whose herbs and spices weren?t alphabetized correctly.?

ROFLMAO. Can you rightly call it writer's block if the person hasn't ever written anything? :biggrin::aak[1]::hug::icon_geek::lipssealed:

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New writer here, but I didn't stop at Chapter 1. Well, I've got that done, but I also have 4 other chapters (who knows what the number will be) completed. When a part of the story becomes clear to me, I write it. These are the major parts of the story, and the transitions still need to be worked out. Who knows where the chapters written so far will turn up.

But enough of that. I've got to go clean my garage.

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But enough of that. I've got to go clean my garage.

I keep telling my partner: "Life is just a distraction to keep me away from writing."

My ideal life would be to get to the point where I didn't have to worry about money or keeping a roof over my head, and I had 8 hours a day in which to write anything I wanted. Throw in some hot gymnasts and a beach-front location, and I think that would be my personal version of heaven.

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You could write if you had gymnasts and a beach in front of your house? What are you, a monk?

OK, the gymnasts would be fun to a point, every day. But you figure, after sex, sleeping, and eating, I think I'd still have 8 hours I could kill with writing. (OK, maybe closer to six, but that's close enough.)

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