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Just a little thought that I had this morning.


by Richard Norway

A small harmless house spider walked along the sidewalk with all of its legs scrambling to get to the other side, to the safety of the lawn. It seemed frantic to get out of our way as Terry and I approached.


Terry?s boot came down and crushed the spider.

I looked up at Terry, bit my lower lip.

?Gotcha.? was all he said.

'What is it about our lives that make us so callous to the other lives around us? Are we so wrapped up in our own world that we forget about those around us? Or is our fear of those around us so ingrained that we feel the need to constantly defend ourselves? Is that fear really fear of ourselves?' I thought.

?What?s wrong Chris? It was just a spider.?

?But it was alive, Terry.?

?Not anymore.?

As Terry?s eyes focused on the sidewalk in front of us, we made our way to our high school to start another Monday of classes. I watched him closely, seeing that look of defiance, of self satisfaction that he had just controlled his world again. I knew Terry was afraid of being outed at school, but the spider was something that he could control. The insecurity of others was something that he could not control. He could control how he himself acted, how he could deny who he and I are.

I turned from him, sadly thinking of Terry, my boyfriend, my boyfriend who wouldn?t admit to himself who he is...and because of that...who I am.

I knew that Terry was afraid. Terry was even afraid of me for what I represent to him.

Terry stopped moving, he no longer appeared next to me. I turned around and saw him standing on the sidewalk, staring at me. Then I noticed his eyes.


?What is it? What?s wrong??

Terry walked up to me, stared at me for a moment, and slowly wrapped his arms around me.

?Chris. Something just happened to me.?

?What?? I didn?t know if I should be concerned any longer.

Terry waited, still holding me tight, and then tighter.

?I think I might have just killed myself.?

?What are you talking about??

?Chris, that spider was...was me.?

Terry and I came out to the high school that morning.

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Thank you guys. I love Flash Fiction because it's so challenging. My mind has such a short attention span that it's a great vehicle for me.

I think Terry GOT what Chris was thinking, and I didn't say it, but Terry's epiphany should have had him crying. The last sentence summed up his epiphany....without saying it.

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I really like this...the twist at the end or should I say the epiphany was masterfully written. Having Chris spout the running monologue punches home the realization of Terry with his last sentence declaration. I'll doff my hat to you.


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