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I'm just a trifle excited (that's British understatement).

Nearly a year ago a book of short stories was published by MLR Press, the stories donated by a mix of established authors and newcomers, the proceeds going to support the work of Lambda Legal, the charity that works for marriage equality in the USA and elsewhere. It was a great success and so they're doing it again.

The first book is available at Amazon and is called 'I Do'. Genre Reviews put it in their 'Best of 2009' list and said:

Even ignoring the fact that all proceeds for this anthology go to support equal marriage rights, this is just a beautiful, beautiful collection of stories that explore the gamut of love, in every setting and every stage of the game. Some of the stories involve awkward encounters, some are quietly uplifting, and some are spicy hot. All are worth reading, which is quite the feat for any anthology.


The new one will be called 'I Do Two' and it will be a while before it's available but I can reveal the contents here:

Aim Higher by JL Merrow

Cakewalk by Nathan Burgoine

Elephants In Her Tea by Julia Rios

Even Guys Cry by D.C. Juris

Ganymede by Lenore Black

Hitched by Michael Gouda

Home Cooking by Brian Holliday

Honolulu Hula by Neil S. Plakcy

Inner Truth by Alex Beecroft

Mallory?s Gift by L-J Baker

Mister Right by Rob Rosen

Morbidly Obese by Rick Reed

Mountain Ash by Ruth Sims

No Queens on Pickett Street by Martha Miller

Ships that Pass by Jamie Freeman

Stripes by Nigel Puerasch

The Song Inside by Nexis Pas

The Uneven Chance by Charlie Cochrane

Touche by James Buchanan

Turnabout by Lee Rowan

Two Men: A Fugue by Sophia Deri-Bowen

Under the Shadow of Your Wings by Jill Palmer

Work Experience by Bruin Fisher

Some of the authors I'm familiar with - Michael Gouda is a prolific online author, on some sites he's known as Michael Duggan. Brian Holliday likewise. Neil Plakcy has written a series of books about a Hawai'i policeman. They're very good. Alex Beecroft's superb series of Age of Sail adventures are exciting, romantic, meticulously accurate for the period. Strongly recommended. Nigel Puerasch is a member of the AD community and it's great to see his name here. Nexis Pas is an online author whose work is varied and polished. Charlie Cochrane is one of my favourite authors, her series of historical romances about two Cambridge University Fellows is first rate (the fifth in the series was released just yesterday). Lee Rowan is another meticulous, brilliant historical romance novelist.

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Thanks, guys, you're very kind.

Charlie Cochrane, who can't post here because she's not a member, has been in touch to ask me to point out that I hide my light under a bushel. So she's echoing your point, Trab. And between the three of you you're swelling my head dangerously. Take cover, I may explode!

I can't quite contain my puppy-like excitement - I'm going to be a published author - real paper! Whooppeeee! as Cole so elegantly puts it!


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I Do Two was released today and can be purchased direct from the publishers in PDF format HERE.

It will be released in paper form, and in other e-book formats, in around two weeks and will be available from Amazon and 'all good booksellers' in its paper form.

Not sure what the paper price will be but direct from the publishers as a PDF it costs $7 or around ?5.50.

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Congratulations Bruin, there are 3 other of my favorites :raccoon: on the list, Nexis, Brian Holiday, and Michael Gouda.

For that reason, I am delaying gratification until it is available in 3 dimensional form, in a book I can hold in my hands, a symbolic ritual of cherishing both the work and the men it is a part of.

You are a valued member of this community, for more reasons than I can count, but every one of them springs from the heart of the person you are, and by that you lend yourself well to the shared goal of being an inspiration and a positive role model for the young (and old!) seeking an answer to the question "What does it mean to be a gay man?"

Well done, on all counts, Bruin!


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Aw, shucks, Tracy - you make me blush! :raccoon:

I'm advised that the paper version of 'I Do Two' will be available between two weeks and four weeks after the launch date. So, sometime in the first two weeks of March, I hope. Amazon should be selling it, and maybe high stree booksellers, too.

I've read all the stories, now, and they're very varied, so if you finish one story and start on the next expecting it to be more of the same, you'll be in for a surprise every time. Some are scorching hot, some are challenging, most are sweet and heart-warming. You'll love it.

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I Do Two is now available from Amazon:

I Do Two at Amazon.com


I Do Two at Amazon.co.uk

There doesn't seem to be a Kindle edition, although the previous anthology published last year is available in Kindle format. However it can be purchased direct from the publishers in various e-book formats:

I Do Two e-book at MLR Press

Purchasers get a collection of short stories by some of the best writers in the genre, and the knowledge that they are financially supporting the work of Lambda Legal in support of Marriage Equality.

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Thanks Bruin.

Now, the inevitable question....is the print version available from MLR, by that I mean

in 3 dimensional print? The opportunity to put our money to work beyond our own desire for

something is not to be dismissed, so I know where i'm going regardless of what is a secondary

to the above preference to hold a book in my hands. I know, I know, I could just go over there and look, but you're here, so to speak, and i'm here, and I like talking to you. So sue me you guys. :hehe:

Congrats again Bruin, and this isn't the first supportive publication I have heard about coming out of MLR.

Cool :wink:


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Now, the inevitable question....is the print version available from MLR?

Sorry, Tracy, as far as I can tell they're only selling it in e-book format - PDF, EPUB and PRC. If you want it on paper, Amazon is where to go at the moment. Maybe high street booksellers will be able to sell them soon, but I don't know about that.

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Arriving back from a few days staying at my Sister's I had the best surprise! A copy of 'I Do Two'. Although we're supposed to be saving trees, and although I have a Sony Reader (that I love and use daily), I am so glad I have this in hard copy! It's beautifully put together and I can't wait to get home and start reading.

If you're in the U.K. get it here: www.amazon.co.uk.

Or if you're in the U.S., here: www.amazon.com.

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So what do you think of the stories, then?

I'm just starting to read the stories using Kindle for PC on my laptop. I, of course, started reading with Work Experience. Now I just have to fit it in with assignments, projects, studying, and exams.

Colin :happy:

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Let us know what you think, then, when you've finished reading?

Will do.

All the best for study, exams, stress, and all that! :hug:


Colin :happy:

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Let us know what you think, then, when you've finished reading?

Bruin, I found time to read Work Experience tonight. Having the guy go to the Urquhart and Taylor residence and ask them questions about being gay was a different approach, and I liked the way it was handled, with him being invited to come to a party that night and finding out what it can be like as a gay man.

I haven't read any of the other stories yet, but I will get to them. Real Soon Now!

Colin :happy:

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