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I wanted him so much.

And somehow, I got him.

The first time I caught him in a lie it didn't matter. Then there were more lies, and more.

He kept borrowing money from me, always promising to pay it back, but when he had money, he never did. I told myself he would, eventually.

The stories he told his friends about me, about dumb things I'd never done and clever things he'd never said.

It's been over a year, and every time I tried to tell him I wasn't happy, he told me I was imagining it. And I thought maybe I was. He was so sure.

I've been sitting here and waiting for an hour, trying not to psyche myself up, trying not to work up the nerve, in case it fails me when...

My mobile rings. It's his number, and I wait for three rings before answering.


"Hi. You want to come over for some fun?"

"Never call me again."

I hang up before he can reply. Then I stare at the phone for a full minute, waiting again. It rings again, and his number flashes up. Suddenly I realise I'm breathing hard.

I push the button to end the call.



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