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Best Buds


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Best Buds

by Merkin

Artie actually noticed the car before Jesse did. "Who's that?" he asked as he braked his bike at the end of Jesse's driveway.

Jesse spotted familiar New Hampshire plates on the brand new Audi. "That's my Uncle Fred! My favorite uncle has new wheels! Sweet." He brought his bike to a halt beside Artie's and swung his leg over.

"Unh, isn't he your only uncle? How can he be your favorite?" Artie was maddeningly logical sometimes.

"Cork it, Artie. I think I need to go in now."

"Can I come in and say hello? Maybe he'll give us a ride."

"I'd better check things out first," said Jesse.

"I thought we were best buds. I like your uncle Fred, too, you know."

"We are best buds, Artie. And I know he likes you. But Uncle Fred never just shows up like this. I should go find out what's up."

"O.K.... I'll see you." Obviously disappointed, Artie rode back toward his own house. Jesse watched to make sure he was well on his way before turning to go in.

The next morning Jesse met Artie at the corner where they waited for the school bus.


"Well is a deep subject, Artie."

"C'mon, dufus. What was the crisis?"

Jesse had made up his mind to tell Artie. "No problem. Uncle Fred brought someone home for us to meet. He's getting married."

"That's great, Jesse! You're gonna have a new aunt!"

"It's a guy." Jesse glanced quickly at Artie's face.

"Jeez." Artie thought hard as Jesse waited. Then he looked up. "Like I said, that's great! Now you can really choose a favorite uncle!"

Jesse smiled. "Thanks, Artie."


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I am grateful for your comments. I'm glad you have enjoyed this glimpse into the lives of Jesse and Artie. You may be seeing more of them, since I'm planning to record a few more of their adventures.


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Just managed some time in my hectic life to read Best Buds. Ah if only everyone could be like Artie and Jesse.

Even though we don't know their ages, Merkin conveys in his story, the uncorrupted innocence of youth's natural acceptance.

Delightful! :icon_geek:

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