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Quitting Smoking

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Today is 19 May 2011 and I've been all day with out a butt.

Decided to quit once and for all. Tried a few times before but never quite made it.

This time I'll keep it a secret. Other times when I quit smoking I became such an asshole, people pitched in and bought me a carton.

So far, so good. No homicidal urges and I only punched a few people at work.

Typical Thursday.

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Been there, done that. Years ago, one boss threw me money to get a pack and quit being a crabby pain in the ass. One good thing, I'm going thru a pack every 2-3 days. Been wanting to quit again (Happens every few years) but things get stressful and a smoke helps relax a fuzz especially at work. Think a problem out.

Don't quit quitting. :icon_cat:

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Day 3.

Hoping for the Apocalypse. Hatin' life. Contemplating bloody murder.

All those coaches that I've ever heard exhorting athletes to DON'T QUIT, never knew what a pain in the azz quitting could be.

All fingernails gone. Am starting to chew on an old wiring harness from a Toyota.

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All fingernails gone. Am starting to chew on an old wiring harness from a Toyota.

This one had me ROTFLMAO :hug:

As for telling, James, it's hard not to if it's all you can think about. Haven't decided if it's ever helped me or not. I think you have to care what people think for that to work in your favor...

You do your best, that's all we can ask of ourselves unless we want any lasting peace in our lives... I'm all for a play-by-play, if day one is any indication, it will get better (funnier) before it gets worse (the other side of funny).

For us, that is.

For you:



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I was finally able to quit, years ago, when I got too sick from flu to inhale. I was down and out and on near life-support and of course I couldn't light up in an oxygen-rich environment.

Try to get sick.

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5 days.

The people in the office have sent me on the road.

I personally think they really could have faxed the documents.

Today I drove to Picayune and ate seafood gumbo and shrimp.

Smoking is almost a reflex. So much of it is completely below the conscious level.

I find myself looking or asking for my brand while waiting in line at convenience stores.

The long ride made me really want one. I played loud music really loud.

Found a nice floor mat to chew on.

When do the cravings geaux away!?

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