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Dude's Housewarming Party

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Just a little something for the folks who have recently joined AwesomeDude and may not have heard this..

Through 2010, we had a weekly podcast AwesomeDude Radio Weekend Show. It ran about 45 minutes and consisted mostly of music and LGBT news, with updates from Azy of Codey's World and I MC'd and did the updates of current stories at AwesomeDude.

We were having lots of fun with some very talented folks participating, led by Des DownUnder (the Orangutan). Tim got interested in editing radio shows and put together this little skit about the 'housewarming party' purportedly held at Dude's new apartment at 'The Geezer Arms Apartments.' As you can hear, Des' handiwork in the kitchen in producing a Banana Flambe dish spells disaster! Where was Cole Parker when we needed him???

I'm presenting an excerpt of our January 17, 2010 ADRWS program which featured the skit. Participating, you'll hear the actual voices of Codey's World's Azy, Ben, Corey & Tim along with Des, Bart (Trab), Camy, Richard Norway, Elecivil & dude of AwesomeDude.

It'll only take about seven minutes of your time, but should provide a few chuckles and hopefully brings back pleasant memories of ADRWS.

Our thanks once again, to all who participated!


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We had so much fun doing that...and the banana nirvana was delicious.

Thanks for reposting that, Dude.

Try my latest recipe:

One banana ( ripe and peeled.)

Place banana in flat-bottomed dish. (This is the only time I recommend a flat bottom.)

Cover the banana with coconut oil and drizzle honey along the top. (Tops usually love honey drizzling on them.)

Place the banana in microwave oven for one minute on high.

When done pour a measure of brandy over the banana and ignite with a match.

If the banana is not hot enough the brandy won't flame.

You can substitute any spirit for the brandy. Vodka, whisky, bourbon, etc.

Note: if you can't get the brandy (or other spirit) to ignite, do not put it back into the microwave as I think that might explain what happened to Mike's house warming party. Perhaps it wasn't a good idea to use a whole bottle of brandy.


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Ha! Yep, that was big fun! Of course (for those that weren't there) Dude got himself a new place with the insurance, and Des' recipe went viral: those infected devoured an entire years banana crop along with three tanker loads of brandy and a herd and a half of cream. Ah, those were the days. :smile:

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In all the excitement following that, I never heard that show. It was *great* to hear it now!

(The excitement was of the un-fun variety involving little old ladies with memory trouble.)

The recording for that and other skits and shows was great fun.

That reminds me to find the part I bought and see if I can coax better results out of this dang computer's audio.

Many congratulations, I mean condolences, to all involved. :D That was great fun.

(P.S. -- Because I'd missed hearing it, that's the first time I've heard two of the voices. Others, I'd heard from when we'd all worked on various things. Nice to hear everyone!)

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HA! Des, you're in trouble. I finally saw the cause of the fire and am going to spring that dessert on our foster boys, and David. My kitchen is safe as I know how to "properly" flambe, well sometimes.

The fire department has been notified.

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