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Walt's by Cole Parker

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Walt's by Cole parker is the second short story in the Sanataria Springs Round Robin - the first being Sanataria Springs by Dabeagle.

I'm never less than amazed by Cole Parker's prodigious output and all the more so here as he's produced Walt's, seemingly by sleight of hand, during the publication of his latest novel 'Doing Something.' Still, it's a great short story, well told in the third person. Set in the town's barbers shop, Walt's pits a bigot's eye view against the truth as told by the father of a favourite protaganist.

Walt's is a very worthy addition to Sanataria Springs, and I hear rumours there are more tales to come.

Read it!

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Guest Dabeagle

I was privileged enough to read this just before submission and just loved it. You might think that's just bias speaking, but those of you familiar with Cole's writing won't think so - especially when you finish this. I was touched, and I think you will be too.

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I'm too emotional after reading it. It was wonderful, very satisfying results at the end. It hits home too much. Cole is a gifted writer with an amazing understanding of young people- people in general. Excellent.

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Well, I'm rather thick apparently. I didn't pick up that this wonderful story was associated with Sanitaria Springs until about the 2nd last paragraph. Quite the little revelation, that was. I had to go back and re-read the entire thing with a slightly different perspective.

Either way, this was a great story. There's something that's always intrigued me about short stories that have exactly one setting. Without the story being able to rely on changes of scenery for mood, sense-of-time, plot advances, reasons for a particular conversation or action, etc, all of the drama must come from the character's interactions with each other and within the limitations of the setting. A great challenge, and Cole succeeds at this beautifully.

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Great! I wish I had the balls not to say things to snide assholes... not enough self control I guess.

Knowing when to say something and when not to is not easy. I have been known to open my big mouth when I shouldn't. I have sometimes not opened my big mouth when I really should have. I suppose my best, most enignmatic advice would be, there are times when even if you slipped and said something, it still *needed* to be said. Or, to put it another way, sometimes a-holes need to learn that someone does have balls enough not to put up with bullcrap.

O' course, the fine arts of being able to run like hell, duck, or throw a punch when needed, also come in handy. (Martial arts training: good idea, wish I had some.)

A friend who will tell it like it is, is a wonderful friend to have. Try to make sure you and your friends are around later to enjoy the friendship, though. :)


I liked Walt's Barber Shop and Sanitaria Springs a lot. Seeing a friend stand up for a friend, even knowing he wasn't going to be wildly popular and just might get the snot kicked out of him, well, I think that's quite a friend.

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