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Why do we procrastinate so much?

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I've posted this here, in the writer's forum, because procrastination is one of the big problems I have with writing. This article is well worth reading - unless you should be writing, in which case don't procrastinate, write first! :smile:


Then there's the ever helpful: http://www.Procrasti...rsAnonymous.org

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Note that some professor, after conducting "extensive research," found that 95% of us procrastinate at some point. Now there's a discovery for you. Nobel Prize material, for sure.

I think people procrastinate for two reasons: first, because at any given point, doing some things are more interesting than doing other things (I'll take that Nobel Prize now, thank you); and secondly, because humans are hard-wired to be lazy. Think early man: going out and killing something was hard work. It was much easier to just lay around, grooming your neighbor or whatever. Then when starvation compelled you, and there was some nice, fat wildebeest wandering by, you and your buddies took off and slaughtered it. Then all that nice, high-powered, life-sustaining fat and protein sustained you for another comfortable stretch of sitting on your ass.

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Be careful that you don't base your thinking on someone else's notion of you being lazy. A lot, if not most, of the stuff that requires hard work and attention to "duty" is actually someone else's make-work, ranging from mowing the lawn to placate the neighbors to earning enough to buy a bigger and better and more "up-to-date" automobile. Procrastination is our way of telling ourselves just what we really think of this state of affairs.

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Ah, I envy the lion

He sleeps all day, stirring only if some other male is sniffing around his mates

He allows the females to hunt and kill his dinner, then shoos them away while he feasts upon it

Sex with his females is at his prerogative

He has no need for procrastination for he only does what he wants when he wants

No one asks him to mow the lawn or fold the laundry or fix the drip in the sink or buy a new wardrobe.

I envy the lion

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