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AwesomeDude site is down

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The AwesomeDude story site is offline at present.

We are doing our best to solve the problem and I hope to have further news soon.

~ Alien Son

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Due to circumstances mostly outside our control this is taking longer than we expected and hoped.

We've set up a new site and I'm at this moment uploading all the stories. It will be several hours before the whole site is online.

I'll make a further announcement as soon as I can.

~ John


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It is 3:00 AM right now in Australia where John lives, so I thought I'd go ahead and announce the good news while he catches up on his sleep.

The new site is substantially complete at https://www.awesomedude.org. All of the story content should be in place, barring any corruption during the upload process.  Please speak up if you find any problems.

I helped connect the initial dots to marry the .org domain registration with the new web host, but John did the vast majority of the work uploading the site files.  Thank heavens he decided to do a full site backup late last year.  It sounds like he spent much of yesterday, from lunch until (late) bedtime, managing the uploads.  I thought about hiring somebody to stand nearby and mop the sweat from his brow periodically.

A couple of notes:

1.  Story pages and chapter indices will all have a broken link to the AD home page (still using the .com address) at the top and bottom until we figure out the best way to fix these hundreds and hundreds of links.  

2.  Codey's World still exists as a subdirectory on the AD server, at https://www.awesomedude.org/codeysworld.   However, the address codeysworld.com will not work.  

Like moving into a new house or apartment, we still have some electronic boxes to unpack and put away.  But we have made great progress, in a collaboration between folks in the United States, Australia, and the UK.  Welcome to the 21st century!


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Thanks for all the encouragement, everyone.

There are still things that need to be fixed, but at least the site is online and most of the stories are accessible. We'd appreciate it if you could please email admin@awesomedude.org to let us know of any problems you encounter.

I should add that I greatly appreciate Rutabaga's help. He did much more than connect the dots, and must have given up a large proportion of his day and evening.

~ John

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