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Know what day it is?

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One of our best tourist attractions is The Great Australian Hump,

Second only to the Great Australian Stump,

Which can be found wherever cricket is played,

And usually just before we get laid,

And only after we take a dump.

Which goes to prove that Australia is real...We are standing in it.

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I have it on firm belief that there are no bad poets in Australia,

That being said, it's also an imaginary place

There once was a man from australia


See cant even ryhme anything with that place. Bah

Jason ( a lover of poets ) ..

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There once was a man from Australia,

Who danced at a wild bacchanalia.

His penis was big as he danced a good jig

But the fuzz nabbed him for his paraphernalia.

Well, there's at least one bad poet in Oklahoma.

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Ha ha. I knew that listening to Australians talking reminded me of something:

There was a young cyclist from Australia

Whose penis was caught by the derailleur;

He screamed until hoarse,

Though that wasn't the worse:

Henceforth he spoke only glossolalia.

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