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I got the basic idea from a friend. now to see where it goes. Here is the beginning. I have a couple more pages in and this might just write itself. I'm planning on it being a long short story.

Take two guys. One that can drive anything, and the other someone who can find anything no matter how hard it may be to find and build it. Will it be paradise, or will it be trouble?

Lets get started.

David McCallister seemed like he wanted to drive right from the womb. His parents helped him with various go-carts and small dragsters as his talent, his body and mind grew. Evolution was a constant and kept upgrading his current mode of racing as the years piled on each other. He did dirt circle track racing in the beginning with various cars for a few years, but the allure of going fast in a straight line drew him in hard.

Blake Spear grew up poor but knew how to use his hands and could put things together from the scrap bin that would boggle the mind. People would see his latest creation, scratch their heads and then have to pick their chins off of the floor when they seen it run. A pile of crap was beating the big money racers. He could drive but it really wasn't his forte. He wanted to build them and watch them work.

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10 pages and 2500 words. I need to work on my past/present tense because it erks my editors. Maybe I'll leave it to give him something else to bitch about other than more drivel from Lugnutz he looks at.

I am thinking that the cars will play second fiddle to the characters. No notes or anything. Just out of my head. The characters tell me too. The idea for this story wasn't supposed to center around a race track but that's what came out.

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