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You Shall Not Pass

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I'd be interested in your definition of 'pet'

A pet would be a nice animal who shares your house with you, shows you affection, appreciates being fed and having a roof over its head. Not this cat.

The cat loves my partner more than me. Hates me. We didn't know her full story when we adopted her, but apparently, she had come from a very traumatic situation from a crazed cat hoarder in West LA, who had 45 cats shoved in a 15x20' room for several years. This is not a happy cat. Looks nice, though.

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And why you allow him such liberties. He's the cat. You're the humans. Something is amiss here.


No, everything is just as it should be, any human who thinks that he is intellectually superior to a cat is suffering from a fundamental error in thinking. Remember a man may own a dog, he serves a cat!

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?!!! :angry: You need spanking for that. And six weeks standing in the corner. Not to mention no truck for a year. :cat:

Why so lenient? Surely that is still one of the Capital Offenses to be found lurking in the dark side of the Common Law, there must be some point to building Wicker Men?

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