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Along Came A Spider by Colin Kelly a Sanitaria Springs Story


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Thanks for the tip-off, Lug. In my haste to speed through the fine print and get to Chapter One I totally missed that this was a Sanitaria Springs story. All the more fun for us, plus a character with eight legs seldom observed as a MacGuffin in a GLBT story. Way to go, Colin.

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A delightful chapter, bodes well for a good story, Colin. I am not a big fan of spiders but I suppose that "Along Came a Chipmunk" wouldn't have the same impact or desired plot points. Let's hope Oscar stays put and we move on from here.

Oh I hope not Chris, Oscar sounds delightful, it is the humans who appear to be the problem, I hope we see far more of Oscar.

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Colin is very good at writing upbeat stories, and 'Along Came a Spider' in no exception. Lucky it wasn't me having Oscar shoved down my trousers, as the entire school would have had burst eardrums.

Slightly annoying was the title - the same as Alice Cooper's album and James Patterson's first Alex Cross book as well as its film with Morgan Freeman.

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You cannot copyright a title. I could have called it "Gone With the Wind" — of course, the story would have been horribly different than what I wrote in Along Came a Spider.

Google story title: "Along Came a Spider" — I just did, and the Great God Google replied with: About 164,000 results (0.30 seconds). Of course that doesn't mean that there are 164,000 different uses of that title, but there are very many.

Colin :icon_geek:

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