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A Younger Orogeny by Mihangel

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I am always delighted to see a new story by Mihangel, he is a writer who just keeps on entrancing you with his ability to weave enchanting stories and his use of words. With this story he had done it again whilst tackling the issues which can arise in young love. It is a story I can recommend to any reader. It is though a story which I would like to have seen expanded as I feel there is scope here for something far bigger. Then again it has been said that the skill of a good story teller is always to leave their reader wanting more and I really do want to read more from Mihangel.

You can find the story here:


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I love how this story ended. It's a story I'll want to go back and read again just to savor the words.

Colin :icon_geek:

I know exactly what you mean Colin, I think I have read it three times now and I'm looking forward to reading it again. This is one story I have no doubt that I will keep going back to.


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Yet another beautiful story by Mihangel. He says that his characters may be larger than life. Mihangel's characters often are, and I think that's part of the appeal of his stories. We look for the more than ordinary. As usual, his quotations and references are so apt they never feel forced. It's as though the story comes from the quotation rather than the story looking for an appropriate quotation. I too shall return to this beautiful story.

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I much enjoyed this well crafted tale, which I intend to re-read at some point, and I shall be looking to read more of Mihangel's work.

Part of this story put me in mind of another, much darker story where one of the protagonists is also younger and more precocious:- 'Doug', by The Composer, hosted on IOMFATS. (http:/iomfats.org/storyshelf/hosted/thecomposer/shorts/doug.html ).

Where 'A Younger Orogeny' could be described as 'the darkness moving into light', 'Doug' is more light moving into the dark.

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