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Uganda’s anti-gay law struck down!


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Uganda’s Constitutional Court just struck down its recent anti-gay law! The “Anti-Homosexuality Act” said that people could go to jail for life for who they love. It also made it illegal for anyone to help lesbian, gay, bi and trans people fight for basic rights. Today, that law has been declared "null and void"!

This is a HUGE victory -- Brave and dedicated Ugandans have kept up the fight against this horrific law even when facing a huge surge of violence and arrests. But its not over yet. There's still an anti-gay law on the books and opponents threatening a violent backlash.


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I heard about this early this morning. I'll admit that I'm still uncertain as to my exact reaction. While I'm very pleased, I'm not sure how I feel about all the anti-Ugandan comments that have been made, since this is, after all, a decision by Ugandans to say that the law was unconstitutional. Tarring all Ugandans with the same brush has obviously been wrong. There may be a majority who are anti-gay, but the rule of law still applies :icon1:

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I heard this on the BBC yesterday. Great news. I'd heard before that there was an accusation that the law had been passed illegally, it's good to see that confirmed.

There is still some anti-gay legislation, I understand, in Uganda - but it's not the only country of which that could be said...

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There's a problem. The reason the law was overturned isn't because it's a bad law that shouldn't have been passed. It's because there wasn't a quorum when the law was passed. In other words, it's a technicality.

Colin :icon_geek:

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It seems that it is almost certain to be. I've just heard a spokesman for the East African Baptist Alliance stating that they intend to get the law reenacted at the first possible opportunity. The strange thing was that for an East African his English had a very pronounced American accent and word usage.

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Statement by the Government of Uganda on the Anti Homosexuality Act, 2014

Website: www.visituganda.com/information-centre/media/news/?article=MTI2

Detailed Statement (pdf): www.visituganda.com/information-centre/media/downloads/Statement-by-Uganda-Govt-on-Anti-Homosexuality-Act.pdf

All hope abandon ye who enter here!

Colin :icon_geek:

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