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Exothermic Reaction by Gee Whillicikers

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Depressing, revealing, devastating in its lack of pretension, it is above all, cathartic.

Superb writing; a story of incredible power and rational concepts betraying reason and yet taking us on a journey where few of us dare go.

Outstanding work.

Exothermic Reaction is exactly the right title.

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There are some stories that grab you the moment you start to read them and this is one. Having recently read a number of Gee's stories I look forward to seeing where this is going to go, it will without doubt be an interesting read.

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I'm in awe of the psychological accuracies in Young Randy's self regard.

Part 2 is up and just as good as the first.

Dare I ask, Gee, if you have recovered from travelling the depths needed for this extraordinary writing?

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Part Two. This is seriously enlightening. I don't know how many self-isolating kids with behavior problems get to where they are, but it is criminal to disregard them. No cry for help is a cry for help.

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