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A Request re Bruin Fisher Stories


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Aha, Let me pop in with a comment.

Bruin is one of the half dozen or so AD Authors who prefers to maintain his own storiy page and stories and who uploads directly to AwesomeDude. Although, you didn't say why you'd like them to appear in the same way as other AD stories, I can guess.

I solve the problem of small font and low contrast of background and text by reading with a text to speech reader.

I wonder if it's a problem for others as well?


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As the Dude has correctly pointed out, the style of my stories is entirely my responsibility and it's my fault that the font is small and difficult to read for some. I'm going to address the problem over the next few days, hoping to adjust the font of all of my stories to bring it into line with the usual clear and legible presentation of the stories here at AwesomeDude. Watch this space!

I'll post back here when I've made changes, and I'll be grateful if some will let me know if the changes have been successful. Thanks for your patience - and my apologies for giving you all eyestrain...


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Okay, guys I'm going to need some help here. I use a variety of devices to read stories at AD including computers running Windows and Linux, and tablets and phones using Android. I use various browsers too, including Firefox and Chrome. On all my devices, the text size of my stories at AD is similar to the text size of everyone else's stories. My stories are in a Serif font, there is no left and right margin, and the line spacing within the paragraphs is a bit tight, but the text size is similar. If I compare the text sizes on the AD index pages and the forum indexes the text there is much smaller. Also the text size of the posts in the forums (such as this one) is smaller. Personally I don't have a problem reading anything here at AD although my eyesight is not perfect.

I have now made some changes to the layout of (initially) one of my stories, and I ask for your help. Please look at this page which I have adjusted:


and then at this page which I haven't:


and then post here to tell me if you had a problem with the unmodified page, and if you see a significant improvement in the modification. Thanks very much!


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"Confessional" is much better now, Bruin, more in line with other AD stories. Your other stories I've always had to boost with my 'magnify text' option. Everything wraps properly, including "Confessional".

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Here are some comparison screen shots.

Black and White Thieves:




Ashes of Fate (reference AD format):


The "Confessional" formatting is much more reader-friendly on my laptop (where these screen captures were taken).

I am going to see if I can do screen caps on my Blackberry, where the problem was most acute.

Thank you for such a quick response!


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Here are some screen captures from my Blackberry. As displayed on a regular computer, the screens shown are more than twice as tall and wide as the actual Blackberry display.



Reference AD story for comparison:


They are both usable for me -- just thought I would let you know what I'm seeing.


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Thanks everyone for very helpful guidance. It would appear that the changes I've made to Confessional are generally approved, except by Cole who points out that the lines don't wrap for a window less than the line width, whereas they do in my other stories.

My grasp of the software I use to prepare HTML files for publication is tenuous and I've had a little trouble correcting this. Check out this:


which should wrap okay, although it's lost the left and right margin that the previous version had. I'm particularly interested in whether Cole can read it okay.

Thanks so much for your patience and help, everyone!


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