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Spock is dead...

Chris James

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Long live Spock in the minds of sci-fi fans, but Leonard Nimoy has died at age 83.


I came home from high school my senior year just to watch the very first Star Trek episode and the best part about it was Spock and it seemed like he would be with us forever.

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Don't worry. They'll clone him and bring him back for the sequel.

Even though he fought in the early years to be seen as more than just that one role--he even wrote a memoir entitled I am Not Spock-- his was the character that made the first series. He was quoted on NPR this afternoon as hoping his character had inspired kids to study science and I'm sure he did. Leonard Nimoy was far more than Spock. He will be missed.

Live long and prosper.

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I agree with James, Spock is an ideal in a human world filled with the concept of nasty bug-eyed aliens. If alien life ever does appear on Earth we can only hope they present like Spock and approach us with that kind of cool logic.

Unfortunately, given the general tendencies of humanity for war, cruelty and general tendency to violence, the logical action of any alien civilization that finds us would be to wipe us out before we infect the rest of the galaxy.

There was an interview on BBC 1 many years ago when a scientist was asked if there was any reason to believe that an alien species was intelligent. His reply was 'yes they have had the sense to stay well away from us.'

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Thanks for the link Chris - and as is often the way with both video and wriiten intenet posts there was a gem in that YouTube video's comments section - I don't follow Twitter or other social media trends - so I would otherwise have missed Leonard Nimoy's last tweet:

"A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP" (Twitter:TheRealNimoy - 23 Feb 2015)

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In honor of Mr. Spook, Memorable TV (MeTV) will be airing the episode, Amok Time, instead of the the planned episode of Star Trek.

They even changed the Saturday afternoon episode of Bonanza that guest starred DeForest Kelly for the one with Leonard.

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