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Marriage Equality Aussie Humour Style On TV

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Sorry guys, er I mean, dudes, the censoring of videos is something that frustrates me all the time. Many U.S. shows like The Daily Show and others, are unavailable in Australia (and I suspect other places). Sometimes the shows become available after a few weeks. Of course a VPN connection might help, but it's a bit of a bother.

Suffice it to say that there is an active attempt to finally get marriage equality through the Australian parliament, but the politics of it are being turned into a religious football, and from within both the left and right wings of the parties. Only in Australia could we expect apathy to be suddenly confronted by the forces of bigotry as an intellectual argument.

Luckily, our laconic sense of satire and humour refuses to play ball except when we ridicule the ludicrous nature of the usual tantrums.

I posted the above video because it was an example of this kind of response to the stupid.

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