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Can Microsoft Access Your Hard Drive With Windows 10?


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PC World has a piece on the privacy issues. In short, go to Settings/Privacy and remove Microsoft's access to your information. Then go to Speech, Inking and Typing to remove similar access. Whether or not these steps take care of everything, I don't know.

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I wouldn't doubt that they could. Since upgrading my laptop, I've noticed here lately, after checking my wireless account with Linksys, that the laptop is contected after shutting it down. I've even gone as far as turning off the laptop connection which did shut the connection. But when I checked later on, it was back on.

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What I can say is that Microsoft really, really want you to upgrade to Windows 10. In addition to the little nag icon in the systray, computers I administer have started throwing up a large dialog with instructions on how to upgrade. However there's an application that we all use here that is not compatible with Windows 10. If we upgrade we'll have to buy an upgraded version of our app which will cost big money - and slow the rather basic-spec computers down significantly. So we're not upgrading, but it's getting annoying having to bat these nag dialogs away all the time!

One machine that doesn't run the obstructive app, I thought I might upgrade it and started the process. The dialog announced that my machine was compatible with Win10, so I started the process, but after rebooting it finished with an error message and left me precisely where I started. Apparently the machine isn't compatible after all.

This is why I like Linux...

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