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The Scariest Costume of All by Gee Whillickers


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Wow! :icon_thumleft:

I loved it. The build up and then the confrontation with Luke...all done with just the right tone and uncertainty. A really enjoyable read and a great way to start the Halloween Collection.

To be honest, I was wondering if Curtis was on the autism spectrum. Having said that, while he has a number of autistic traits, they're also common traits of shy kids and I don't believe every shy kid is autistic. However, I'm still inclined to believe he has high-functioning autism since he ticks so many of the boxes. Since I have an interest in the subject, that just helped make the story for me.

Thanks, Gee Whillikers! :wub:

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Cute story, the geeks win, lots of suspense, the geeks win, it comes across as a real bunch of kids in a real high school, and the geeks win. Wow!

Colin :icon_geek:

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Thanks guys. And yeah Graeme, I tried to make Curtis with maybe a hint of Aspergers or Autism.

You succeeded :smile: As an aside, Aspergers is an Autism Spectrum Disorder, so Aspergers defines what part of the spectrum the person is on. For Curtis, I'd say he has Aspergers, based on the information supplied, but it's easier to just say he has Autism and not define where on the spectrum he sits.

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