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Aber Zombie and Finch by Graeme

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Thank you, everyone! This is a case of having a title and then finding a story to go with it. I had to tone it down, though, because my early ideas involved Aber leaving a swag of brainless dead bodies behind. I eventually decided that was too gruesome, even if it means that Hun, Won & Lo's delivery boy service may have financial troubles in the future. :tongue:

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OOh, cooking stuff! I love cooking discussions...

Try this:

Brain Soup (Hirnsuppe)

A traditional German recipe that is surprisingly simple, if you have some brains around the house.

1 calf’s brain
2 tbls butter
1 qt beef Stock
1 egg yolk
1 cup cream

To wash brain clear of blood, soak in cold water, renewing water several times. Skin and chop fine. Melt butter in pan, add brain, sprinkle with flour, and saute 10 minutes. Add beef stock and simmer 20 minutes. Just before serving, stir in egg yolk and cream.

Courtesy of recipehound.

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True story: As a kid my second favorite breakfast was fried cow brains. Very fluffy texture.

People around here stopped eating brains when the mad cow scare hit in the nineties and it never came back into style. Some are still scared of the disease others are too young to have gotten a taste for it.

Happy Halloween, everyone, especially John, our webmaster, who I'm sure is out trick-or-treating right now.

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