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Featured Author June 2016


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Effective June 1st, we've instituted an additional category to the Dude's Picks from the Past section of the AD Home Page.

Bi Janus is the featured author for June and the link takes you to the Author Page of this excellent author. We invite you to take the time to explore his corner of the AwesomeDude site and read the great stories there.

Every month we'll present a Featured Author going forth in addition to a couple each of Novels and Short Stories by other authors.

If you have any nominations for Featured Author or for Novel or Short Story picks... let us know at picks@awesomedude.com.


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‚ÄčThis is a new feature I like, and I am pleased to see Bi_Janus gets choose first. A well deserved pick.

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I am deeply touched by the selection, and I continue to appreciate the work of all the authors on the site, many of whom, as I have said before, I think more skillful than I.

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A great idea for the AD site, and a great choice for the first author to be selected. Well deserved, bi_janus!

Colin :icon_geek:

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I believe I have read all of bi_janus's pieces on the site. I admire them on a number of levels. I like the continuity and depth of the characters that are woven through the stories and progress through their lives in a manner reminiscent of the Snopes trilogy from Faulkner. I also like the nuanced combination of pluck and vulnerability the characters often display.

Good choice.


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