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The Busboy by Cole Parker

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​We have only two chapters, far too soon to make specific statements about what I am reading. But what we have so far is becoming a wonderful character study of family life...after it has fallen apart.

​The divorce rate in this country is astronomical, and the fallout from broken marriages always seems to affect the kids. Since these are elements in Cole's story it leaves me wondering where he is going to take this? From a shocker of an opening Cole has backed off to tell the story at a modest pace which leaves me to believe that he has a lot to tell us in the following chapters.

​Leaving the readers with a lot to think about is Cole's specialty and this story will not disappoint. Nice going, Cole. You have me hooked.

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Love it. Bound to be another Cole Parker Classic.I mean, has Cole EVER written anything that wasn't? The same could be said about Chris James, another great author.
I want write like them when I grow up.

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Only two chapters in and already Cole has given us three fascinating characters. No way yet to tell who the focus of the story is going to be although I suppose the title is some sort of clue. Right now I'm rooting for all of them, and hoping not too many more interesting people are going to stroll onstage to clamor for attention.

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A lot explained and a lot left to deal with.

Makes me wonder how much this scenario plays out in real life, and whether the options are as limited as they seem on the surface. Why should the choice be frying pan or fire? Yet my own contact with this world suggests that the relevant investigators are corrupt, lazy, bigoted, and unreliable.


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It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings. And then it's over. And everyone will be complaining because it's over!

Colin :icon_geek:

The fat lady singing, in the spoiler.

So perhaps best to wait before viewing.

Kate singing that song had a role near the end of the film "The return of Captain Invincible". One of the best 'B' movies of all time.

Patty Patria. This is the American Eagle Network, broadcasting one last time... for all of you out there who still believe in fairies, heroes, second chances... love and trust. Captain, they're playing your song.

Joking aside, an excellent story.

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​I agree with the comments, Cole seems to have shaded his plot with a little darkness. Since most of his story lines are about conflict leading to resolution I am not saying this is a bad thing. Just seems we may have to accept some negativity before the characters bring us back into the light.

​I love a good character study and each of the boys in this one are awash in detail. Good going, Cole...is it time for another chapter yet?

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I'm undecided about the shift in POV.

They need to photograph Tristan's living situation and get some audio recording of his father berating him and telling him he has to live in the garage.

The darkness is not unprecedented. I think of the "Summer Vacation" story where the young protagonist goes in and shoots admittedly very bad guys in cold blood in order to rescue someone. I would also include "On the High Plains of Wyoming," still one of my favorites. Corrupt government officials mistreating sons also seems to be a recurring theme ("One Summer in Georgia"). The first chapter of First Year certainly was dark. I'm OK with it.


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