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Difficulty with Forums?


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I haven't (so far) had any problems replying to posts, but I have noticed over the last few days that some bits of the forums are rendering oddly. Some examples:

  • Threads that run over one page now have the number page links listed vertically, not horizontally, so such threads get a longer block (with lots of empty space) in the forum listing.
  • In each forum post, the member's icon is either slightly larger than before, or slightly shifted down, so it now covers the top half of the first line of the member description, e.g. "AD Author".
  • The pin icon against the title of pinned threads seems to be jammed up against the text in a way that it wasn't before.
  • In the main forum listing, the text indicating the date of the most recent post in each forum has a stray space + comma (i.e. " ,") on the end.

My guess is that the CSS or equivalent has been subtly altered in some way - a recent Invision update? If it helps for diagnosis, my browser is Firefox v. 80.0.1, running on Windows 10 v. 2004.

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I've not had any issues myself yet.

One thing that I've noticed, and this might be a skin issue, the avatar seems to have shifted down a bit. Looking at Camy's post, I see his title of AD Author is half covered. So are the other posters.

I've also noticed something new. If you look at the avatar, you will see a dot with a shield. Hover your cursor over the dot and it shows you that the person is a Moderator.

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I got a notice about ten days ago announcing a software update available.  I put if off because the theme provider hasn't provided a matching update yet.  Then the notice stopped appearing.

Did any of our admins do the update without notifying me?

Dude, aka Mike

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There is definitely something amiss currently in the AD Forums.

I'm working on this full time now, so I'll ask all of those who are experiencing difficulties to be patient.

If you are an AD Forum member and can't reply to posts, please email me at    dude@awesomedude.com.




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8 hours ago, Camy said:

The blue update box was there for quite a while. Maybe it auto-updates itself after X number of days?

That's what I thought also and mentioned it to Mike, Then I thought of checking the Log and found the answer and gave it to Mike.

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Forums have been updated again.  They seem stable  now but required a new download of the matching theme.

Pretty soon, I'll be managing the Forums full  time and have to give up the AD Story site..... just kidding

Please be patient.


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  • 4 weeks later...

I use an ipad most of the time and I have a problem that I think is more to do with the theme than functional updates.

A number of the buttons, particularly those associated with user profile at the top of the page and the edit post and related functions are rendered with a very dark grey font with very little contrast with the background which is the same as the general background such that they are nigh on impossible to see or read. It’s only If I can remember where they are supposed to be that I can access the functions. If I try and change the theme using the dropdown in the page footer I get the same theme but some of the layout is altered.

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You might try this: 

Go to Internet Settings,  you will find it on the menu where the address bar is, far right, three horizontal bars.

Click the three bars.

Click Settings.

Scroll down until you find High Contrast Mode, toggle it ON.

Those black on black menus will now be clear in green on black.

Note: this works for versions of Chrome browser other browsers may vary, but it is High Contrast you need to switch on.

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Hi Talo

Thanks for your suggestion. The iPad browser is Safari. The settings function does not appear to have a high contrast mode. I have tried the high contrast mode under accessibility in general settings but with no improvement. I can get a very slight improvement by increasing the screen brightness in general settings, but it makes every other webpage and application too bright for me.



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On 10/22/2020 at 6:12 AM, Talo Segura said:

I took a look at Safari and the only way to adjust the screen appearance is with font smoothing - see item 4 and how to change it: https://www.wikihow.com/Change-the-Appearance-Settings-on-Safari

It's worth a try!

I couldn’t find font smoothing on my version of safari. I did manage to find an option called smart invert colours under ipad general settings>accessibility . The near-black on black becomes grey on light-gray which is readable. Of course all other apps are converted which can give some strange looking results.  The setting also slows things down as each pages is loaded then then converted. I won't be keeping the setting as my default, only use it when I think there is something hiding.

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